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About us

About us...

In 2015, Mateusz Biernat founded Human Foundation in order to support all persons who, like himself in the past, are struggling to come back to society after experiencing a mental health crisis.

Human Foundation is an organisation that aims to act for the people excluded and stigmatised because of their “mental illness”. In particular, we want to approach persons with an immensely rich inner potential who unfortunately are perceived by the majority of our society in the light of unfair stereotypes and treated as the mentally ill (meaning dangerous, aggressive), not the recovering ones. The Foundation’s aim is to help them and expand their opportunities for an active and worthy life in society: fulfilling social roles, studying and working.

Changing the way persons with the experience of a mental health crisis are perceived is a long process which requires conscious decisions and actions as well as joint efforts – without all that, we cannot expect any change. People who have experienced the crisis often feel abandoned, excluded and ridiculed, so they lose motivation for changing their lives and cease to develop their inner potential. The mission of our Foundation is enabling the development for such persons.

Some of the Foundation’s aims are:

  • Promotion of the development of conscious society

  • Creation and development of the society’s cultural, scientific and healthcare consciousness

  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and mental hygiene

  • Initiation, development and empowerment of attitudes aiming at full social participation of the disabled, chronically ill, elderly, and other persons at risk of social exclusion in everyday life, education, professional and social activation, availability of culture and arts

  • Informational and educational activities for the development of knowledge about social integration and reintegration (inclusion of the elderly, disabled, chronically ill and persons at risk of exclusion), promotion of the salutogenesis approach

  • Sharing information about: the reasons of disability, illnesses, particularly those caused by the civilisation and social changes – and possible prevention of them

  • Creation of the national support network

External sources:

An inspiring interview with Mateusz Biernat on the Mental Health Europe website:


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